The Formaggio Neutrino Group



The Formaggio group is a member of the Neutrino and Dark Matter Group at MIT (NuDM). The NuDM consortium of four faculty members (Conrad, Formaggio, Perez and Winslow) are focused on understanding the properties of some of the most elusive particles in the Universe, both to strengthen our understanding of the Standard Model and to push its boundaries.  The group is involved in understanding questions regarding the scale and nature neutrino mass and the origins of the matter/anti-matter asymmetry in the universe.  It is involved in particles from terrestrial sources and from the cosmos.  Their means and methods involve instruments that hover above the atmosphere and that live many miles below the Earth’s surface.  They range in size from complete ice sheaths to detectors that fit in the palm of your hand.



The active experiments of the group include KATRIN, Project 8 and Ricochet.